Strategic Plan

The development of the Strategic Plan for Corpus Christi School began with discussion at our School’s Education Commission meeting. Shortly after that meeting, a committee was formed consisting of our school’s AdvancEd team, Matthew Weddle, PE teacher, Andrea Greaney, 6-8 Language Arts teacher, Shari Seitz, 6-8 Math teacher, Audrey Folz, second grade teacher, and Martha Craig, Principal. Professional development time was given to the committee members in order to complete the Strategic Plan. A Community Input Meeting was held in February of 2018 led by Jeff Martin. Mr. Martin has conducted and participated in many SWOT analysis studies for Bristol Myers. Invited to this meeting were all school council members, Tom Goebel our Deacon, staff members, several parents and parishioners. All were invited to share ideas for goals and areas of growth to be addressed in the Strategic Plan. The principal did not attend this brainstorming session so all members could speak freely concerning Corpus Christi School. The results of this meeting and surveys completed by parents and staff were reviewed and categorized into various elements from the responses. These areas included: Mission and Catholic Identity, Academic Programs, both curriculum and school improvement, Enrollment and Marketing, Finance and Development, Facilities and Capital Improvement.


Corpus Christi School is one of twenty-six schools in the Diocese of Evansville. There are twenty-two elementary schools and four high schools. The present enrollment is 251 students in preschool through eighth grade. The socioeconomic level is middle to high with 16% (31) of the students receiving free or reduced lunches. At the present time, 12% (30) of the student population is receiving special services.

In 1955, Bishop Henry Grimmelsman, the first Bishop of Evansville, wanted a new parish to be built in the west of Evansville. Fr. James O’Connor was assigned by the Bishop to be the first Pastor of Corpus Christi. Land was obtained from John and Elizabeth Tekoppel. Fr. James O’Connor celebrated the first Mass in the new church on August 18, 1957. The school opened its doors in the fall of 1957 with four Sisters of Providence teaching eight grades.

Corpus Christi School was established in 1957 as a first through eighth grade school. A kindergarten program was added in 1993. In 2002, a preschool program was added. A special education program was established in 2012 to meet the needs of our changing demographics. During the 2014-2015 school year, the preschool was expanded to include an extended care program in order to meet the needs of the parents. For the 2015-2016 school year, the preschool program expanded to two sessions and a second kindergarten class was added. There is currently a waiting list for two classes.

Teachers serve the school with dedication and expertise. The professional staff consists of the following: thirteen full-time teachers, six with a master’s degree and seven that hold bachelor’s degrees; two part-time teachers that hold bachelor’s degrees; a full-time licensed administrator with a master’s degree. One of these full-time teachers holds a master’s degree in special education and serves as a part-time special education teacher. Additional staff members include a technology coordinator, three primary assistants, two after school day care workers, five after school day care workers for our preschool called Lil’ Coyote Corner, a librarian, a social worker, two preschool assistants, a speech specialist, a special education itinerant teacher, and a band teacher from Mater Dei High School. The school has a support staff including a full-time administrative assistant, a part time bookkeeper, one full time cafeteria manager, three part time cafeteria employees, and three maintenance personnel. Minorities represent 6% and males represent 20% of the teaching staff.

The school day at Corpus Christi extends from 7:15 A.M. until 2:30 P.M. for kindergarten through eighth grade. The timing of the school day is a result of the bussing schedule of the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation. The buses that students ride to and from school are provided by the EvansvilleVanderburgh School Corporation. Our preschool has two sessions each for children ages three and four. The preschool classes meet two days per week, and the Pre-K classes meet three days per week.

Kindergarten through fifth grade are self-contained classes. An eight period day is presently in effect for sixth through eighth grades. All students participate in art, music, computer, and physical education classes. Students in grades 3 through 8 participate in a differentiated remediation and achievement program four days per week. Additionally, students in grades kindergarten through second participate in Minds in Motion four days per week. All students have the opportunity to go to the library frequently.

Because of Corpus Christi School’s focus on spiritual growth, a variety of Christ-centered opportunities are integrated. These opportunities include the celebration of weekly Mass, church choir, Crusaders, youth group, prayer services in Advent, Stations of the Cross during Lent, and the Living Rosary. Additionally, students participate in Catholic Schools Week activities and grade level retreats.

Corpus Christi School offers challenging extracurricular opportunities. Academic opportunities include: the speech team, spelling bee, Pizza Hut Book It, Accelerated Reading, University of Evansville Music Competition, geography bee, Evansville Otters Reading Incentive, Rotary Club BUG, Think First Stay Safe, In It To Win It The Seven Habit Way, STREAM club, robotics, The Leader in Me, Girls Who Code, Smart Moves and D.A.R.E., and Holly’s House. The school also maintains partnerships with both the IU Med School and the University of Evansville. Athletic opportunities include: volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, Biddy Ball, cross country, track, wrestling, soccer, football, softball, and baseball. Corpus Christi School also offers early leadership responsibilities through the Junior Fire Warden Program, student mentoring programs, Student Council, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Teen Power.

Vision Statement
Inspiring God’s Children

Our Mission
Corpus Christi School fosters spiritual growth, academic excellence, and lifelong learning in a caring
Catholic community.

Belief Statements
In order to fulfill its mission to the fullest, Corpus Christi School will:

-provide opportunities for spiritual growth to both students and staff.
-foster academic excellence and character development in a faith-based environment.
-support the development of our students spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.
-help our students pursue ways of giving back to the church and the community at-large.
-ensure the education that students receive will motivate them to develop self-discipline.
-strive to have all students reach their full potential and aspire to be lifelong learners