Dress Code

Good Rule:  If you think you shouldn’t wear it, you shouldn’t. NO LOGOS ARE ALLOWED ON ANY ITEMS EXCEPT THE CORPUS CHRISTI LOGO.
The school dress code is designed to promote neatness, discipline, a sense of school identity, and to provide an atmosphere of learning, free of emphasis on clothing.  Students are expected to observe the ordinary rules of neatness and cleanliness in dress.  The school reserves the right to call or send home any student whose dress is deemed inappropriate for school.  Please be aware that many retail outlets advertise uniform apparel, however, the clothing must follow the Corpus Christi dress code.

The enforcement of the dress code is a joint responsibility of the parents, students, teachers, and administrator. Parents must see that their children leave home following the dress code policy. The teachers and administrator are to enforce the dress code policy at school. The appropriateness of dress and make-up at school will be left up to the discretion of the teachers and administrator.

General dress code rules:

  1. All parts of the uniform are to be neat, clean, and must fit properly without holes or tears.
  2. Shirts, blouses and polos must be tucked in.
  3. For safety reasons no hoop or dangling earrings are allowed. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings at school.
  4. Sandals and crocs are not permitted at anytime. Shoes may not be open-toed or open-backed. Shoes with laces must have laces tied in a bow and not looped or in a knot.
  5. Dress code infractions will result in one point violation.  These do accumulate to result in a detention and lost of free dress day.
  6. Parents should make sure that all items are marked with the student’s name. This includes jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts.
  7. The dress code is in effect from the time the student enters the building in the morning until they leave the building at the end of the normal school day.

Grades K-8


Students are to arrive at school clean. This includes clean bodies, fingernails, brushed teeth and hair. As students mature they should be aware of body odors and should use deodorant. All clothing and shoes should be clean and well kept.

Pants and shorts

The uniform pants are solid navy and tan khaki. Uniform pants are styles that are pleated or plain front cotton twill pants. Pants are to be tapered or straight-legged, no flair-bottom, bell-bottom, denim, stretch tight fitting or capri pants.  Students in grades 5 – 8 pants or shorts must  have belt loops and a belt must be worn.  Pants must have a front zipper.  Students in grades K-4, pants or shorts may be worn without belt loops and can be pulled on. However if the pants or shorts have belt loops, then the 5-8 guidelines are to be followed.  Shorts must not be shorter than longest fingertip and must fall above the knee and not below.  Pants may not have slits or split hems, frayed hems, exterior pockets, exterior seams, grippers, rivets, exterior zippers, exterior snaps, excessive stitching, elastic/drawstring waist or hems.  Pants must fit properly and be worn at the natural waistline.  No logos of any kind are allowed on pants or shorts.

Skirts, Skorts and Jumpers Grades K-4 only

Solid navy and tan khaki skirts, skorts and jumpers are allowed in grades K-4. Skirts and shorts must extend to the top of the knee (Bermuda shorts length)


Traditional style belts must be worn with all pants and shorts. The belts must be in solid colors of navy, black or brown and solid material, no die cut outs. Belts may not have print, pictures or accessories. Belts should fit properly and not hang down out of the belt loops.

Shirts / Blouses

Solid colors in white, red and navy blue are allowed. No other color will be allowed on the shirt.  Shirts must have a collar. Shirts must have buttons and be buttoned except for the top button. Shirts must be tucked in. No denim shirts or turtlenecks are allowed. No logos are allowed, except the official Corpus Christi logo and shirts purchased through the Marketing Committee. Only solid, white undershirts with no lettering are allowed under uniform shirts.

Sweatshirts / Sweaters / Fleece Jackets

Solid sweatshirts, sweaters, fleece jackets and Corpus Christi sweatshirts must be in red, navy blue, or white. Mater Dei feeder school sweatshirts will NOT be allowed. A shirt or blouse or polo must be worn under them. Sweaters may be long sleeved, cardigan or pullover, No hooded garments are allowed. No logos are permitted, except the Corpus Christi logo purchased through the Marketing Committee.  Students must wear belts when they are wearing sweatshirts, sweaters and fleece jackets.

Socks / Tights

Socks must match.  Solid colors in white, red, navy blue, or black are allowed.  (A pair of socks must be all white, all red, all navy or all black.  No combination of the sock colors is allowed).  Socks may not be higher than the beginning of the calf.  No logos of any kind or patterns are allowed on socks.


Shoes may be casual or athletic. Sandal, open-backed shoes, western boots, clogs, heels, or opened-toed shoes are not allowed. Laces must be tied in a bow, not looped or knotted.

Make up / Hair / Tattoo

Make up, hair length, hair ornaments and coloring that calls attention to the person is unacceptable for school. Tattoos and body piercings are not allowed. Girls in grades 6-8 may wear moderate make-up. No eyeliner or eye shadow. No glitter make-up is permitted. Artificial nails, overlays, or extensions are not permitted. Nails must be of a moderate length. Students  will be required to comply with hair length regulations within one week after a warning is given.  Hair may not be dyed a color that is unnatural.  No bright hair colors are allowed such as red, blue, purple, orange, green, etc.  Boys’ must be clean-shaven: long sideburns (below the ear) and beards are not permitted.  Hair may not touch the collar in back, should not be over the eyes, and should not be below the ear on the sides.  Hair should be kept clean and properly styled  Students will be required to comply with hair length regulations within one week after a warning is given.


Jewelry must be minimal and never call attention to the wearer. The only jewelry that will be permitted: a medical or religious bracelet, a watch, one (1) ring, a religious medal or cross on a chain. No dangle or hoop earrings are allowed. Girls may have one ear piercing and only in the lower ear lobe. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings to school. No power bands or athletic bracelets.

The final decision on any of the above will be at the discretion of the administration. Anything deemed inappropriate for school will be handled on an individual basis. Parents may be called for a change of clothes, or students may be required to change to uniform attire from the office.

Free/Alternate Dress Days

All free dress days must follow the free dress guidelines. Students may wear whatever they choose with the following restrictions:  No halter tops, tank tops, sleeveless tops, pajama or flannel bottom pants, biker shorts, torn clothing, clothing that has inappropriate language, or clothing that promotes drinking, drugs or smoking.  Shorts, skirts or pants with any lettering across the back will not be allowed.  Short crop tops are not allowed (if arms are extended up over the head, no skin may be showing) Shorts must be of Bermuda length and all shorts must fall above the top of the knee and be no shorter than the longest fingertip. No slits in skirts can be more than 4 inches from the knee at the top of the slit.  All skirts and dresses must follow the same length guidelines as shorts.  Any student wearing items that are considered too short will loose their privilege of wearing these items for the remainder of the year.  No head covering of any kind may be worn inside the building.  No sandals or opened toed shoes.  On free dress days, if your child chooses to wear shorts they must meet the guidelines.  Students may wear capris and jeans as long as they are not tight or they are considered “skinny jeans”.  Leggings are acceptable only if worn as tights under a skirt or tunic-style shirt or long sweater.  The top must extend down to the longest fingertip.  If in doubt do not wear the item to school.  All student have the option to remain in school uniform on free dress days.

Children may wear a Corpus Christi shirt or a Diocesan theme shirt, blue, denim jean bottoms or uniform bottoms or uniform bottoms on school spirit day which are the first Friday of the month.

Any student receives three dress code violations, will lose the next free/alternate dress day privilege, whether it is earned, purchased or designated calendar free/alternate dress day.  Students who violate the free/alternate  dress rules will lose the next free dress day.  Parents may be called for a change of clothes.

Other free dress days may be held throughout the year with the permission of the administration.

There is a special uniform for Physical Education classes for grades 6, 7, and 8.  These are purchased through the school. All students are expected to be in the PE uniform and will not have the choice to opt out of this requirement.

Corpus Christi Spirit Wear is sold through the school.  Our logo is registered and must purchased from authorized sellers.

Brownie and scout uniforms may be worn on the meeting days.

Students have the option of wearing their school uniform on all free dress days except Special Visitor’s Day.

1st Day of School at the Circus

2nd Grade using “Egg Helmets”