Dress Code

Click HERE for complete dress code guidelines, including pictures of acceptable items.

● Students are to arrive at school clean. That includes clean bodies, fingernails, teeth,
and hair. As students mature, they should be aware of body odors and should use
deodorant. All clothing and shoes should be clean and well kept.

Pants and Shorts
● Students in grades K-4
○ Students may only wear solid navy or tan khaki bottoms.
○ Bottoms may be pull-on style or have belt loops. If belt loops are present, it is
required that the student wear a belt.

● Students in grades 5-8
○ Students may only wear solid navy or tan khaki bottoms with belt loops and a

● All uniform pants should be pleated or plain front cotton twill pants free of decoration
or jean styling.
● All uniform pants should be free of: logos, cargo pockets, patches, rips, tears, or
external pockets.
● All uniform bottoms should be correctly fitted to the student.
● All uniform shorts must fall above the knee and not below, be Bermuda (fingertip)
length, and free of decoration or jean styling.
● All uniform bottoms must fit modestly and appropriately.


Skirts, Skorts, and Jumpers (Grades K-4 only)
● Students may wear solid navy or tan khaki skirts, skorts, and jumpers. Skirts and
skorts must extend to the fingertips.
● Wearing shorts under the uniform jumper or skirt is suggested and permitted if the
length of the shorts does not exceed the skirt length.

● Students may only wear a solid black, tan, or brown belt free of decoration and

● Students may only wear solid red, white, or navy polos. Shirts will be tucked in at all
● A solid white t-shirt without words or logos may be worn under the uniform tops.

Sweatshirts/ Sweaters/ Fleece Jackets
● Students may only wear a solid red, white, or blue sweater, sweatshirt, or fleece
jacket. Hooded sweatshirts will be permitted when going outside, but are not
permitted to be worn in the classroom.
● A uniform shirt must be worn under the sweatshirt/ sweater/or fleece jacket. The
collar of the shirt should be visible, and the shirt must be tucked in.

Socks/ Tights
● Socks must match and not be any taller than crew length. Tights must be plain solid
colors in white, red, navy, or black.

● Shoes may be casual or athletic. Sandals, open-backed shoes, western boots, clogs,
heels, or open-toed shoes may not be worn. Shoelaces must be tied in a bow, not
looped or knotted.

● Girls in grades 6-8 may wear moderate make-up. No dark eyeliner, glitter make-up,
or eye shadow that is not neutral in color should be worn.
● Girls in grades K-8 are allowed to wear fingernail polish, but it must not be

● Hair should be kept clean and properly styled. Hairstyles bordering on the extreme
(such as words or designs shaved into hair, mohawks, etc) will not be permitted.
Boys’ hair may be no longer than collar length in back and top of ear on sides and
should not be in eyes.
● Hair must be clean and neatly groomed and worn in a style that does not obstruct the
view of the face.
● Inappropriate (unnatural) hair coloring or bleaching for the purpose of creating
extreme differences in color, shade, or tone between the student’s natural and
original hair color (blond tips with dark hair, for example) is not allowed

● Jewelry must be minimal and never call attention to the wearer.
● A student may wear: a medical or religious bracelet, watch, one (1) ring, a religious
medal or cross on a chain.
● Girls may have up to two (2) piercings only in the lower earlobe only and may wear
small earrings.

P.E. Uniform
● There is a special uniform for Physical Education classes for grades 6, 7, and 8.
These are purchased through the school and all students are expected to be in the
PE uniform for classes.

Free Dress
Free dress may be scheduled periodically throughout the school year or be designated as a
reward or incentive. On these days, students may wear an outfit of their choice.
Students are expected to observe the ordinary rules of neatness, cleanliness, modesty, and
good taste.
While we understand students’ desire to express themselves in their clothing and grooming
styles, we do not permit students to wear clothing with pictures, emblems, or writing that is lewd,
offensive, vulgar, or obscene or that advertises or depicts tobacco products, political candidates,
alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance that students are prohibited from having or
using at school
● Shirts must have standard short sleeves or longer (no sleeveless or tank tops).
● Jeans and athletic pants may be worn (no pajama pants).
● Skinny jeans, jeggings, yoga pants, or other form fitting pants are NOT permitted
unless a LONG TOP is worn that completely covers one’s seat.
● Denim, khaki, and athletic shorts must have at least a 4-inch inseam.
● Shoe choices must still meet uniform requirements.

Spirit Dress
Corpus Christi School Spirit Day is scheduled for every Friday during the school year unless
otherwise noted.

● Only Corpus Christi School (or solid blue or solid yellow) shirts are to be worn.
● Students may wear uniform bottoms or blue denim jean bottoms.
● Corpus Christi hooded sweatshirts are permitted on spirit dress days.

The Coyote Closet has used dress-code approved items for those who may need them. The
items are gently-used and are of no charge to the family. Please contact Mrs. Seitz at
[email protected].