Corpus Christi Catholic School | Evansville, IN

2023 – 2024 Educational Fees

Tuition for Parishioners:

$6,000 per student


Tuition for Non-Parishioners:

$6,300 per student


Other Fees

$300 Book and Technology fee per student

$100 Pre-registration (non-refundable) will be applied at the time of registration

$25 Booster Club fee per family

$4 Assignment notebook fee per student

$200 fee for each student taking band (There may be an additional charge from Mater Dei for rentals, etc.)

Grade A Hot Lunches are $3.55 a day

After School Care provided until 5:30pm for

$9 per student per day


Preschool Program

$1040 Tuition for school year per student

$75 Non-refundable registration fee

Preschool meets on Tuesday and Thursday, – Morning Class is 7:20 – 10:20

Pre-K Program

$1380 Tuition for school year per student for the three-day program

$2300 Tuition for school year per student for the five-day program

$75 Nonrefundable registration fee

Pre-K meets on 3 day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Morning Class is 7:20 – 10:20, and our 5 day: Monday -Friday – Afternoon Class is 11:20 – 2:20


Doors are open for all classes 10 minutes prior to start times

Lil’ Coyote Corner

Lil’ coyote Corner is open 7:10 – 5:30 Monday thru Friday

$75 non-refundable registration fee for this service

$29 a day fee per student

Lunch is provided at school for $3.55 a day

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