Corpus Christi Catholic School | Evansville, IN

Please contact Mrs. Andrea Greaney for more information about tuition and fees, tuition support, including the Choice Scholarship program.

[email protected]    812-422-1208




After School Care provided until 5:30pm for $9 per student per day


Preschool Program

Preschool meets on Tuesday and Thursday, – Morning Class is 7:20 – 10:20

Pre-K Program

Pre-K meets on a 3 day or 5 day schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Morning Class is 7:20 – 10:20, or

Monday -Friday – Afternoon Class is 11:20 – 2:20

Doors are open for all classes 10 minutes prior to start times

Coyote Corner

Coyote Corner is open 7:10 – 5:30 Monday thru Friday

Lunch is provided at school for $3.55 a day