Mrs. Adela Blaszczyk, School Secretary

Mrs. Blaszczyk was born in a small town, Natrona, 50 miles north of Ptttsburg PA.  Mrs. Blazczyk is married to her best friend, Stanley, for 37 years and we are proud of our 3 sons, Stan Jr. Andrew, and Zachary.  Mrs. Blaszczyk has been living in Evansville for 26 years.

Mrs. Blaszczyk has been the school secretary for 20 years.  At Corpus Christi it is her job to take care of the tears, the sniffles, the mischief and the bee stings.  Everyday can be a new experience.   Mrs. Blasczcyk keeps the school records, answers the telephone and makes sure communication is maintained with the parents.  Mr. Blaszczyk guesses she tries to be the substitute mom to over 200 kids.  She knows how important the things we do at Corpus Christi are to the future of each and every child that walks these halls.

When not in school, Mrs. Blaszczyk us the president of the Women’s Club, chairperson of the CC garage sales, quilters for the summer social and cooks sausage burgers at the Fall Festival.  Mrs. Blaszczyk also enjoys reading history and travel books, quilting, gardening, and giving her husband a helping hand in their woodworking shop.

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